Parents Rave about St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School!

“We are so fortunate to be a part of the St. Michael community. At an early age, my daughter has the opportunity to receive an excellent education and feel loved by her teachers. Paying tuition is a sacrifice, but it is worth it.”

"St. Michael's small class size and excellent curriculum along with a nurturing environment are the reasons I send all three of my children here."

"St. Michael's is like my children's second home. It's like family there. Everyone knows one another and their children. I love St. Michael school and the teachers."

"My kids are really learning! The classrooms are not crowded, so they can learn. St. Michael is a wonderful school. I could not have put my kids in a better place! I should have done this a long time ago for my family."

"St. Michael's is the best school in the area. The teachers and staff are wonderful. We are truly blessed to have these wonderful people teaching our children. I love the fact that all the teachers know my child by name and even know who I am. The academic program is great. The things these kids are learning is so advanced compared to other schools."

"The sacrifice we make to send our son to a Catholic school like St. Michael's is well worth it. To see our son participate at Mass, know his prayers, and sing the hymns amazes us every time, that in itself makes it all worth it. His grades are great and we know that he is receiving a wonderful education here at St. Michael's."

"I'm so happy that I transferred my daughter from a public school to a Catholic school. The classes are a lot smaller. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I'm so satisfied with the academic programs, extracurricular activities, and the overall teaching of our faith."

“St. Michael teachers are unique, understanding, ambitious, loving, and determined. They go beyond just teaching in classrooms, to tutoring and helping in their communities. There is no doubt that St. Michael teachers are truly special.”

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